#1 Index of Stories

There should be an Index. So here is it.  To find what you are looking for just click the link. I have included a very short preview of each post. Most of you will have read some of these, but if you have forgotten and read them again please add your comments. I cry a lot if I don’t get any comments.

These are all on my earlier blog and if you decide to follow it you can jump right in and won’t need to go via this link. https://johnsstorybook.wordpress.com will stay but I won’t be adding to it.

  1. Tanya’s Treasure. A young art student gets involved in the Czechoslovakian rebellion against Soviet control. She plans an escape and succeeds.
  2. Samuel was a spy. A story about Israel gaining access to French blueprints for manufacturing Mirage Jets. Set in Switzerland 1971.
  3. Going Home. An old man, a migrant from the old country, finally accepts that he misses Europe and says goodbye to his few friends before he leaves.
  4. The Holocaust Box. A lawyer delivers an old manuscript box to a client. The client opens the box and learns more about his life than he would ever believe.
  5. Reality in Dreams. A mature school teacher is woken in the night by a dream about dying and goes and sees his doctor. But the dreams continue and his nights become long and unsettling.
  6. Old men dream dreams. A poem about the way we all – men,women, old and young – dream of different things
  7. Luke’s Story. Luke’s father left him to go into politics. Luke’s mother died giving birth. Whatever punishment Luke inflicted upon himself – I wasn’t able to help him.
  8. The day I won a million bucks. Two young men find themselves stranded in an opal mining town – a haven for people running from one thing or the other. There are poker games and gunshots.
  9. They got away with Robbery. A modern day story of holding up the stage coach. And they were sort of like heroes.
  10.  The Donkey and the Master. A children’s fable about arrogance, stupidity and loyalty.
  11. Twelve Dancing Princesses. A poem of mystery and intrigue and how they all lived happily because that’s just what sort of girls they were.
  12. Pinkie Pinkerton. His name was Pinkie because they thought he’d been a Communist. But Pinkie gives his side of the story.
  13. The Short Life of Merilyn McEwan. A young woman believes she is just a bit of a class above the rest of us. And her father spoils her and that is the nub.
  14. The letter. He opens an old case and finds a letter he didn’t read 52 years ago.
  15. A Traveler’s Tale. Two different ways of handling the language barrier. One works better than the other.
  16. Silences. A poem of misunderstanding and the different language women use to men. “If you know what I mean!”
  17. Memories of her Mother. She wrote down 80 memories on coloured cards and gave it to her mother on her 80th birthday. Here are a few.
  18. Memories of her Mother 2. Here is another one. This one concerns a huge kangaroo and how she escaped from it.
  19. The Conflict. A short parable that tells the story of two families that fight over the same piece of land. A bit like Israel/Palestine.
  20. Grandpa in Saskatoon.  My Grandfather was a chaplain with the RCMP about 110 year ago. This little poem is nothing like the real story, I made it all up. Most of it.
  21. Right Brain Left Brain. A little boy unwittingly reveals some very sad truths when his teacher asks the class to draw a picture using their non dominant hand.
  22. Hideout. A little boy feels that he is ignored by his family and hides and waits until they miss him.
  23. “Truce”.  Two soldiers on opposite sides meet and become friends. A few years later they are sent out to fight against each other but decide to declare their own private Truce.
  24. The Mason-Dixon Line. A story about the Legal profession and a lady from the oldest profession and how her lawyer organised things better than before.
  25. The Death of Great Uncle Sam. It’s 1882 and young Sam Johnston dies. There is a Magisterial inquiry. And it’s a bit sad in a way.
  26. My Hungarian Hero.  When Russia entered Hungary to put down a student uprising a small young mad is lined up in front of a firing squad. True story.
  27. Lifting the sun. A poem about sunsets or something else deep and meaningful.
  28. Dalgetty Brown.  Dalgetty walks into my life after forty odd years and lays a heavy burden on my heart.