A leap into the unknown

Well Hello,

My name is Paol Soren. I am starting this blog to give vent to my feelings. I will also invite a dear friend of mine to contribute some posts from time to time. I know that the danger is that he will take over and dominate me. That is a problem I have had to deal with all my life.

I am originally from Denmark as you mat have already worked out by my name. Maybe I should have anglicized my name to Paul Simon but then I would have to explain why I can’t sing. Anyway my grandfather would turn in his very cold Nordic grave.

I have lived in England and France and Greece and Australia. Some times I will flitter from place to place. Also I will explain at the outset that I am a story teller. Some of my stories are fact. Some are based on fact. Some are a load of old cobblers.

Sometimes I will burst into song, but because you can’t hear me – I have a terrible voice – I will call them poems. I may, at time, lean heavily on the use of a camera. Lots of people seem to like pictures and I am always happy to oblige.

This is me when I was a little younger than I am now. Actually about seventy years younger. Also I haven’t got as much hair in my head now. My mother is late and she didn’t tell me where the photo was taken so it could be in Denmark or the other side of the world.

I could tell you more if you want. Later.

The next picture is me, mother, big sister and brother. Little sister and even littler brother are just figments of the imagination. And I love ducks.

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23 thoughts on “A leap into the unknown

      1. Cobblers are shoe makers. A shoemaker uses a pointy tool called an awl, to poke a hole in the leather to aid him in sewing the leather together. So there is the obvious use of the two words together as a cobblers’ awl. The habit of old English and also Australian workers to use ‘rhyming slang’ therefore turned the word cobblers awls into cobblers balls meaning testicles. It then became a slang word meaning a lot of useless or insignificant nonsense. Why it means that is anybody’s guess.

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      2. When someone in Australia says “that’s a lot of old cobblers” we mean that’s a lot of lies (in a humorous kind of way, not nasty). Well, this is what my parents taught me the expression meant.

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      1. I like your humour in your writing even if you say it is a sad story. It appears familiar. I would like to call you Paul Simon, because I would like to hear you sing your poems…: )….So this is the story of your grandpa? So the true, sad story is: “My name is Paol Soren. I am starting this blog to give vent to my feelings. And I love ducks.” The rest is invalid, because it belongs not to the real facts? Iยดm curious about!


  1. So what happened to that mop of cute curly hair? ๐Ÿ™‚ So relieved to know there’s rhyme and reason behind that paolsoren Dude. So happy to see you back in your environment, John!


      1. Nice! I’m laughing because your two comments/questions in the last few days made me think. Hard! And I wondered who this person was….mystery solved!


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