The Pursuit of Happiness


March 20th was declared the United Nations International Day of Happiness. I think I missed it this year. And if it’s all the same to you I can feel a bit of a rant coming on.

What a load of old cobblers.

When I used to be a student counsellor there was always one parent who said, I don’t really care what Hamish does for a career. I just want him to be happy. Well what a weak and watery wish that was.

On July the 4th 1776 the Congress of the USA made the American Declaration Of Independence.

The second paragraph begins;

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The pursuit of happiness, being a fundamental of the American consciousness, might just be their biggest flaw. And ours too. Because we seem to be scurrying after it as well. So what do I say to the parent who wants nothing for their child except happiness?

So if your child says he wants a car that can go really fast. That’s all Dad. I don’t care what else it is as long as it goes fast.

So, idiot child, you don’t want it to have brakes. What about a roll bar and seat belts? And if it goes really fast what about proper racing safety harness. A limited slip diff. Decent tyres for on slippery roads.

Oh well, yes of course all that too.

We aren’t just happiness bunnies. A full person is made with more facets than can be counted.

Don’t you ever want to be angry? Aren’t there some things that really require you to become angry. One way or the other, the refugee situation makes some people angry. Some people don’t have that in them. Poor them.

What about being frightened? Stand on the top of a sheer drop for the first time you go abseiling. Frightened? I was. I can still feel it. I can feel the elation I experienced when I got to the bottom and wanted straight away to do it again.

And wonder. There is a painting in the Ballarat Art Gallery of a girl putting her toe into the water. It doesn’t make me happy. It makes me wonder. Like the thunder and lightning on a hot summer evening. Can you beat that?

What about sadness? If you lose someone that you love of course you will be sad. And if you are not sad then you are not a complete person.

Life is like the most amazing whisky. All the nuances of taste and aroma and the tingling on the tongue and the burn as it slides down the throat, unless of course you drown it all in Coke. Then everything that went to make that great whisky has been obliterated by the pursuit of cockiness. Are becoming too much of a “I’ll have one thanks, with a lot of Coke” world..

It’s good to be happy, but to write into a constitution that the pursuit of happiness is paramount seems to limit us all to mediocrity and a definite ability to cope without Coke..


4 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness

    1. For the same reason the UN only wants us to think of refugees once a year, and once a year think about the planet and apes and people with dementia and those with disability et cetera et bloody cetera

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