It isn’t Hollywood!

Dave told me.

“I have killed people. It isn’t Hollywood.”

The 12th of February 2009 changed Dave’s life. He was a close friend of my son and of my daughter back more than twenty years. He was a commando. He went to war. He didn’t have to go but he went. He came back but he is different.

I could go through all the records and throw fact after fact at you but you wouldn’t understand. I don’t understand. When I see Dave he throws his huge arms around me in a bear-hug and most times I have to choke back the tears. It’s his eyes that do it to me. There is anger and death and sadness. Unbelievable sadness.

“I can never atone.”

Stop reading for two minutes and watch this video. At bottom is a longer video link.

Australian Commandos are not Permanent Army. They are Reservists. But they are highly trained. Dave was a commando.

If you want to know more of the facts it’s up to you to do a bit of research. But the facts aren’t the point. The feelings are.

As a result of the raid that night, 12 Feb 2009, Dave and two others were charged with manslaughter. In the end the charges were dropped. But as Dave says they can still be raised again. Until there is a hearing and I have been cleared the charges are still there.

“I can never atone.”

I’m not trying to hide anything. All the story is in the public domain. But the anger is hidden under a deep blanket of silence and suspicion.

I don’t think Dave would disagree, in fact I have said it to him, but this very loving and talented man is a time bomb waiting to explode. Dave is aware of this. Dave is holding on tight but he is so affected by what he sees as the Army’s charges against his as being brought “maliciously, and without reasonable and probable cause”. In fact Dave has, filed a statement of claim in the New South Wales Supreme Court.

I could go on and on. But that is enough for now.

“I have killed people. It isn’t Hollywood.



10 thoughts on “It isn’t Hollywood!

    1. Yes. But why would the head of Australian Army Legal Dept decide that for the first time in Australian history these boys were to be charged with doing something they had been trained to do. If it was the US Army there would just be a simple ‘co-lateral damage ‘ report. Not that that is any better!


  1. We can only imagine as we follow in those footsteps seen behind night-vision lens. The unbelievable eyes tells us much more. Please give him my thanks, a hug and respect for doing what needed to be done.


  2. Not the facts, but the feelings….so true. Thanks for sharing Dave’s story. Even “collateral damage” cannot heal the trauma of war and its unspeakable damage.


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