I am frequently amazed – even after living much of the last fifty years in or near Melbourne – just how much green open space and native flora exists in the Metropolitan area.

Today I went to Abbotsford Convent and the Collingwood Children’s Farm on the banks of the Yarra River.

First there was the river.

Then a little walk along the path and there were a few animals. I didn’t pay $10 to go in. I’ve lived on farms long enough to know what these animals are. But there were plenty of people looking even ‘though it was cold and overcast.

But how close are we to the city. Take a look at the factory chimney. I’ll show you from the other side.

Can you see how close the city is. Two and one half kilometres. That’s all.

Ans see how close the front gate was to the inner suburb of Abbotsford.

See the factory chimney. That’s the same but from the other side.


10 thoughts on “Abbotsford

  1. We have lots of kids over here who have never seen a cow or any other animal except pets. It’s very sad really, but that looks a great place to take them for an introduction to the Great Outdoors.

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  2. So you’re beginning to see the lovely green side of Melbourne (that I’ve explored so much in the last 7 years since I had to take ‘early retirement’ due to chronic ill health).

    Interestingly enough when I still had a car and was working full-time, I spent most weekends exploring the countryside (either with friends or even, on my own). Some of this probably coming from apartment living and not having a ‘back yard’ of my own.

    I must have been an ‘explorer’ in a previous life 🙂

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    1. It isn’t really new to me after living in the Beaumaris area and at Mount Dandenong for many years. But it is a new thing to have a camera and a blog to publish the photos on. I must also acknowledge that your posts have been what has encouraged me for the last three or four years.

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