Pigs might fly

Went to Yarra Bend Park today. Only a bit more than a stone’s throw away from the CBD.

There is a lot to see so I think I will make a few posts out of this effort. It was a bit of an effort. Walked about ten kilometres. Up and down.

Question! When is a fox not a fox. If it looks like a fox and it has a sharp pointy nose and it has golden fur then there is a chance it is a fox. If it sleeps through the day and comes out at sundown to go looking for food then it is probably still a fox. But if it hangs from a tree, upside down, and it flies through the air it could be a bird. Or a bat.

Answer! The grey-headed flying fox (Pteropus poliocephalus) is a megabat native to Australia.

The grey-headed flying fox is the largest bat in Australia. Also known as a fruit bat. It has a dark-grey body with a light-grey head and a reddish-brown neck collar of fur.  Adults have an average wingspan up to 1 m (3.3 ft) and can weigh up to 1 kg (2.2 lb). It does not echolocate and so it doesn’t have those leafy growths seen on the faces of most bats.  It relies on sight to locate its food (nectar, pollen and fruit) and has relatively large eyes for a bat.

The grey-headed flying fox is long-lived for a mammal of its size. Individuals reportedly survived in captivity for up to 23 years, and a maximum age of up to 15 years seems possible in the wild.

They all take to flight at sundown and fly all over the place looking for food.

I’m sorry that the sun was in the wrong direction but the river was where I would have liked to have stood. And the close ups are a bit fuzzy. Shame about that young Harry.


16 thoughts on “Pigs might fly

  1. Now THAT…. was a long walk, John. Well done! (is all I can say – 3-4 kms is about my limit these days and most days 1-2 kms is enough for me).

    You got some nice bat photos too.

    I suppose they are the ones that were relocated from the Royal Botanic Gardens many years ago (when I was still working).


  2. We “Tourists” parked our white car under one of those, in a free perfect spot. Don’t think the purple stains ever came out…Gave your lot a good laugh. Beautiful John.

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  3. Wonderful photos! Sorry I missed this post. I’ve been binge watching rescue videos about these guys. They mostly get the rescuer is trying to help them.
    The rescue hospital has some overnight lodging for folks who want to volunteer. I hope to get down there sometime!

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