Tale of a copper vessel and summer vacations (Slice of life)

I have been thinking for a while of writing more about growing up in rural Australia, but I have been a bit lazy. Then the other day I read this post by Mukhamani. It is about growing up in rural India. It is so gentle and warm and I want you all to read it and go into her blog and read more. As she says in her Reflection, “I am a person who believes there is not enough darkness in the world to extinguish the light of a small candle.”



As I said earlier my Bobbe ajji was a very resourceful lady. If you remember, I had thought that Bobbe ajji lived away from us when we lived in the kottage room. Now I recall what my mother told about her. It seemed that she had always been living with us. Before coming to Harady, appa, amma, Bobbe ajji and I lived in a small house in a place called Dayyaramule near Adyanadka.

My father was a teacher at that time in a nearby school. We had cows in our home, and Bobbe ajji would sell milk to a hotel in Adyanadka. The owner made it a habit of never paying her on time. So, one day ajji marched to the hotel and brought back an attinalage (idli making vessel) from there. She said she would return it when the owner paid the money. Obviously he did not do so…

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