I told you I’d mix a few flowers or fungi up with my other posts. Now I think I need to buy a close-up lens.

Actually Vicki said all I needed was a tripod and is just so happened that I went and bought one. And my son showed me how to take a delayed action shot so I did. And the new photo is the one at the top.



15 thoughts on “Fungus

  1. Superb specimen and you did well with the camera lens you’ve got 🙂

    (While a macro lens gives a superb shot, so does an ordinary lens on a camera held very still).


      1. Don’t forget to turn the image stabilising off (the lens) when using a tripod John. (and don’t be like me and forget to turn the image stabilising back on when next using that camera/lens hand-held.

        To get even better sharp focus it’s worth using a remote shutter release cable as well (when using a tripod), but you probably already knew that……right 🙂


      2. The wind is part of the reason why I had so much trouble getting good flower shots early on in my photography hobby. I think the Royal Botanic Gardens 5 mins walk from my old Sth Yarra flat has to be one of the windiest areas in Melbourne.


      1. These blooms are all beautiful! You don’t seem to be short of any color right now 😉
        I recognized some, but many don’t grow by me. I laughed at the one you couldn’t ID, from Africa, we use those in our winter pots, it has great color and the leaves hang on.
        I’ve always loved camillias. I got a faux one called a Japanese Camillia. They do look like the real thing.
        Thanks for the mention 😘😚
        Enjoy your day!


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