Winter bloomin’ flowers

There are two of my followers who do it to me all the bloomin’ time. They wait until the cold winter winds hurl destruction upon the nations in the Southern Hemisphere and then they jump up and down and shout about how they just had a week or two of sunshine and say,  “Look at us! We got flowers.” If you don’t know who I mean then you are missing out on bloomin’ South England and bloomin’ Illinois.

So I thought. “I’ll just duck down the street with m’ camera and have a cup of coffee, talk to a neighbour or two and see what we can find.” Now if some of these photos are out of foccuss it’s because the winter wind was shaking the flowers all about. It has nothing to do with two  whiskies. Nothing at all. Also spelling can get a bit shaky if the wind is blowing.

So all my darlings, this is what I found.

So there! We still got flowers an it’s winter.

PS. The two people I mentioned at the top are Derrick and Ilex (Midwesternplantgirl)



6 thoughts on “Winter bloomin’ flowers

  1. To be honest, I think that we forget it’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere. And our summer here in Nottingham is probably very like your winter anyway. It’s a cold day today. Only 18 degrees.

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  2. That’s what I like about the blogosphere. When I think about you I think about Lancaster bombers and werewolves and such and I know that this strange vehicle called the Internet has a phenomenal ability to unite us all if only we let it.

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