Botanic Gardens. Melbourne.

It was a lovely sunny winter’s day so I went for a drive to the Royal Botanic Gardens.

I had enough money in my pocket for an hour and a half in the parking meter, so I could only wander around one small corner of the Gardens. Even so I think I got enough for a couple of posts.

The first place I focused on was one of the fern gullies. Here the sun was only just shining through.

The tree fern gully from outside
Tree ferns
Up close and underneath
Tree ferns
One branch in the sun.
Queensland kauri. (Agathis robusta ) 1 metre at the base and 30 metres to the top.

Then I saw a uniquely Aussie tree. It is the Grass Tree. For information about this family click on this link.

A grass tree. To give an idea of size I stood next to it. But no one came to take my photo. But I could just touch the bottom of the skirt. This is over 100 years old and they will live for up to 450 years.
The trunk of the grass tree


When we were kids we lived in the bush and there were plants called yakka. The picture below is of one like ours, and they didn’t form a trunk. But one thing was well known; they were almost impossible to dig out of the ground and it was very, very hard work. In Australian slang ‘hard yakka’ means extremely hard tough physical work. One of the leading brands of work wear is “Yakka”.

All members of this family produce a tall spear with thousands of tiny flowers. These are full of honey and are delightful to suck on.


I’ll show you more of the Botanic Gardens later.


6 thoughts on “Botanic Gardens. Melbourne.

  1. Learned so much (trying to remember): yakka (hard yakka, porcupine, white honey flowers), grass tree (trunk with thousands of eyelets and a knobbly head with drooping yak hair skirt and spiky yakkas on top), fern tree (fine palm trees with ferns).

    (Goes back to check)
    The Queensland kauri, that’s the one I’d forogotten … I guess just “tall tree”?

    Probably wasn’t meant to but: “To give an idea of size I stood next to it. But no one came to take my photo.” touched a thinking place.

    “These are full of honey and are delightful to suck on.”
    I have to ask—did you dare?


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