The California Garden

A garden devoted to Californian plants makes up a small but distinctive section of the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. It is named for Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, the mother of Rupert Murdoch of News Corporation that great conglomerate that tells the world everything that Rupert thinks the world needs to know.

Elisabeth on the other hand is known as one of the great Australian philanthropists. I wonder what she would think about her family now.

The start of the California garden
The California Garden. Brittle Bush (Encelia farinosa )

After a while I wasn’t too sure if I was still in the California garden so I just collected what was in the immediate area. If I am wrong – and if you know I am wrong – then tell me and I’ll go back another day and be more careful. (“Cos I wasn’t actually going there to see California but just to see the Gardens – If you get my drift.)

Lots of succulents
Looking away to the green lawns.





Golden Barrel cactus (Echinocactus grusonii) Sometimes known as mother-in-law’s cushion.


If you wish to learn more about the California Garden in the Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria then you can click on the two links below. Hope you have a lovely trip but please tell me when you go. I love getting comments – It makes me post more.

9 thoughts on “The California Garden

  1. I think Dame Elisabeth would be delighted to have this part of the botanic garden named after her. And yes, I wonder what she would think of her family now.


  2. I think you’ve wandered into Guilfoyle’s Volcano area with the cacti on the slope, John. Not sure if that’s still part of the California garden or not. You’re close to the 2 gates I used to enter & exit by when I lived 2 streets away for some 15 years. (actually I lived in the surrounding streets on/off for something like 25 years yrs. altogether).

    It was great to see your images, having been away from the area for some 2+ years.

    We’re lucky to have these beautiful Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. There’s such a diverse range of plants & trees one can’t help but find something interesting around each pathway.


  3. PS. To think that I’ve walked around these gardens something like 8,000-10,000 times makes you realise what a wonderful place it is in an inner city location. I always said if you led me around these gardens blindfold, I could probably tell you where we were by the smell alone 🙂


  4. I vote for Dame Elisabeth! Whether you got the boundaries right or not, I wouldn’t know. The displays, however, are fabulous, and reflect the look of Southwestern desert gardens in California and Arizona. Though these are meticulously landscaped. Melbourne’s answer to Longwood Gardens!


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