The Melbourne Zoo

I went to visit the zoo today.

It did not rain – I decided to stay.

It was quite, quite cold in spite of the sun

And the birds and animals all had fun

I do like looking at all the birds

And sometimes I may get stuck for words

But I like the ducks as they paddle and splash

With elegance, grace and lots of dash.

Giraffes are big. They’re as big as a house

And they are quiet. As quite as a mouse

And lions are quiet if they do not roar

But if they do , there could be war.

Now the colobus monkey in Black and White

You will see him at day but not at night

And the big gorilla was trying to hide

In long green grass on a far hill side.

Now the little lithe lemurs all out of the breeze

Were grooming each other in twos and threes

And they all ran free in their open spot

I liked the lemurs. I liked ’em a lot.

I had quite a day at the Melbourne Zoo

And I’m sure if you went, then you would too.

There’s a lot more things that I could say

But that must wait for another day.

Now remember that if you hover over any one of the photos you will see each group enlarged.






24 thoughts on “The Melbourne Zoo

  1. Is the first bloke a wombat? He’s adorable! Looks like a cuddler 😉 Opposed to Mr. Taz Devil. Not as cuddly looking! I love giraffes. Very unique animals.
    I’ve been addicted to watching sugar glider videos lately. They are wild down there by you. Got any stories about them? I’m really want one, however probably not practical for me right now.


      1. Give us a go chum! I got to work up the strength to get there, having couple of beers with my chum Neill tomorrow, I’ll see if he’s up to it, he’s only a youngster like you. Pointless asking the War Office, Shouldn’t be too bad start at the top and work our way down, catch a ferry home, ah the joys and beauty of Sydney Harbour.

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  2. Just like you, I love the zoo, don’t think I’ve been there since I was 32! …not really, I was prob 37 but that doesn’t rhyme 😝


  3. What a lovely poem and images, I love looking into the eyes of the giraffe, so big and expressive and such long eye lashes, makes a girl quite jealous. Love this post ❤ do they have snakes there too?


  4. Just finished reading Banville’s “Birchwood” (which he calls his “Irish novel”). During the latter half of it, the protagonist travels around with a circus which owns one monkey and one stuffed lion that “looks real”. Is not having a real lion and “faking it” for the audience worse than keeping real lions caged so that people can gawk at them? In modern times the latter seems crueler.

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