Greasy dishes

“It’s still dirty,” she said and threw the plastic container back in the sink.

Last night’s dinner was left over curry from the night before. In keeping with sustainability and care for a limited pension I usually cook enough for three meals – more than that and the meal gets tired, stale and most of all I get bored with it and it ends up thrown out.

BUT!! and here’s the point, plastic food containers, no matter whether they are el-cheapo or top of the range plastics always feel a bit dirty still. And so do fry-pans and woks. And if they don’t feel like that to you then tell me what oils you use and I’ll switch.

Now here is the solution! It doesn’t matter what detergent you use, there is always a little residue left – enough to annoy anyone’s finicky teenager.

So chuck in a teaspoon of plain flour and with the dish brush wipe it around and all over inside and out. Then rinse the floury gunk off with warm water and see what a difference it makes.

(“How much flour!!”

Well make sure the dish is wet and enough flour to make a paste. You don’t want it watery and you don’t want it like putty. Maybe if it works for you, you could try experimenting for yourself. But I’m sure you’ll work it out.)

And don’t go telling me you throw it all into your super wizz-bang dish washer with a tablet of super wizz-band detergent. Both are expensive and the detergent is very environmentally harmful.

Give it a try and tell me what you think.

PS. The hand in the image at the top isn’t mine.


14 thoughts on “Greasy dishes

  1. I use Earth Choice dishwashing liquid and it always seems to clean my plastic storage containers. Although I more often use pyrex (glass) storage containers (with the microwavable lids). I use olive oil, occasionally half olive oil and half butter if I want that flavour. I never use cheaper cooking oils or vegetable oils as some of them are adulterated with palm oil and I refuse to buy anything with palm oil. They cut down all the Orangutan habitats to grow palm oil crops.

    I must say that I usually fill the sink with the dirty dishes in hot soapy water and then sit down to watch more tv and get up every ad break to wash (and rinse under the hot tap) a few more dishes. So I guess oily plastic containers are ‘soaked’ to a certain extent. I rarely use my dishwasher being a single person household)

    This practice came about because I am too fatigued (with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to stand in the one spot and do much by the end of the day). I can sit, walk around, or lie flat, but can’t stand in one position too long. This includes supermarket, or shop queues too.

    Secondly, after my first lumbar spine surgery when I wasn’t allowed to sit more than 15 mins at a time during recovery, I got into the habit of getting up every advert. break on the TV (it comes every 5 mins) and walking around. I’ve been doing this since 2008 and right through to my second spinal surgery in 2015 up to the current time.

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  2. When it comes to pots and pans I’m the most finicky person you’d ever wish to meet; until my pots shine, and I can see a perfect reflection in them I keep scrubbing away; after which I bung them in the washing up machine just for good measure!
    There are those that get a bit thingy about me and my pots!

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  3. I tried the flour trick tonight. One pan that always ended up feeling greasy however much I washed it in detergent and hot water always still felt greasy. Tonight it didn’t. Thanks Paol.


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