Caulfield Race Course

Just down the road – a ten minute walk from my flat  – is the Caulfield Race course. This is where the Caulfield Cup is run every year as a precursor to the Melbourne Cup. In the centre of the course there is a small lake surrounded by lawn which is open as public picnic area. It it open every day except when there is an official Race Meeting. As a public park it does, in my humble opinion, leave a bit to be admired.

Access to the park is via a tunnel under the main straight. The main stands, which are quite magnificent, have been completely enclosed with glass for the comfort of the spectators. This has unfortunately detracted from the architectural beauty that they once had.

I took a few photographs from the top of a small tower.

I was able to climb to the top because there was no gate locked at the bottom and I did not see the sign saying “No Public Access” because I was looking in the other direction.

But I could see the racecourse itself.

The horses race anti-clockwise and so this is where the race caller says, “and they’re coming round the last bend into the straight.”
And this is the straight looking down to the finish line in the distance. Under the straight there is a long tunnel and this gives access to the little park and duck pond in the middle.

and these are the ducks.


and this is the tunnel.

I think I will take a look at Flemington Racecourse where they hold the Melbourne Cup race. It is a bit more impressive.






13 thoughts on “Caulfield Race Course

  1. I always had a soft spot for Mooney Valley,

    Flemington was great in the 50s before they started all the crap with the Cup and fashions,

    It was all about the horses and cost just a few bob to get into the hill stand, where I witnessed many a Cup. You couldn’t get me there now for luv or money!

    But there was something quaint about the Valley, might be cos it was odd. The finishing post right on the bend sort of.

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