The Byrds. I wanna grow up to be a politician.

How old is this? 1972. That’s how old. I love this song. I wonder if Donald has heard it. He would have heard it – he was 26 then. It came out in 1972.

The lyrics are at the bottom of the page. And there is a different video down further.

I want to grow up to be a politician
And take over this beautiful land
I want to grow up to be a politician
And be the old U.S. of A.’s number one man

I’ll always be tough but I’ll never be scary
I want to shoot guns or butter my bread
I’ll work in the towns or conservative the prairies
And you can believe the future’s ahead

I’ll give the young the right to vote as soon as they mature
But spare the rod and spoil the child to help them feel secure
And if I win election day I might give you a job
I’ll sign a bill to help the poor to show I’m not a snob

I’ll open my door, I’m charging no admission
And you can be sure, I’ll give you my hand
I want to grow up to be a politician
And take over this beautiful land

I’ll make you glad, you got me in with everything I do
And I’ll defend until the end, the old red white and blue
I want to grow up to be a politician
And take over this beautiful land

And take over this beautiful land
And take over this beautiful land


  1. I can’t imagination D.T. offering a helping hand to anyone much, he’s too busy on his twitter page and padding his own bank account.

    I’m sure the man does have some good qualities but he seems to hide them very successfully. From the little I’ve read about him, he seems to take great pains to criticise others and yet, can’t take criticism of his own gaffs.

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  2. I think that Robert Redford’s old film, “The Candidate” still has a good deal to say. Lots of politicians find it easy to criticise others but when they get their own chance they are hopeless.

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  3. “I’ll always be tough but I’ll never be scary???” – they say Trump’s outburst against North Korea was improvised, so I guess his statement that NK will “be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen” was his version of tough love calming the situation. Funny how I feel scared now.

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    • I have worked for two headmasters in particular who were both very tough. But one was a psychopath with almost no empathy and the other was actually very caring. One scared the daylights out of me because you never knew what would happen tomorrow. The other was great to work for – you could rely on his statements as being fair and consistent. The trouble with the Trump situation is that we didn’t vote for/against him but he could end up throwing a hand grenade into our bunker.

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      • Yep, I was one of those bosses myself. One of my staff use to say, “ah, Mrs Wilson, first you stroke, and then you scratch”, meaning I always highlighted their positive achievements before asking for improvement in another area. But I was consistently predictable (I wanted their best foot forward), and fair. The only things predictable about Trump is his unpredictability, and ability to shoot off his mouth (remember those old posters – before putting mouth into gear, ensure brain is engaged?)

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