Two Aussie Airmen lost over Denmark. 9th February 1945.

This will be of interest to anyone who is interested in WWII. And it doesn’t glorify war.

I have found a blog site from Denmark. For many reasons I am fascinated by it but there is one particular post that I think many of you would like, especially Australians and anyone else who has a connection with Airmen who flew over Germany in WWII. I will give you a little extract;

During the night between Friday 9th and Saturday, 10th February, 1945, Squadron 138 was ready to carry out a seven-plane airplane flight, all of which were to be delivered to Funen seats. By 22 o’clock on Friday night, it set in with bad weather in the form of snow and sludge, and six of the seven planes had to return to Tempsford with undisturbed cause. 
The seventh aircraft was Stirling IV No. LK279, with the radio lettering letters NF-L. It had a crew of seven (see the fact box), two of which pilot, flight sergeant Lawrence S. Tucker, and radiotelegraph, flight sergeant Richard York French, came from the Australian Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, RAAF whose crew served on Royal Air Force’s aircraft, in line with Canadians, new zealands, South Africans and people from other Commomwealth countries.

The post talks about finding the remains of airmen who died in Denmark and the way the Danish people reacted during the war. Click on the link below. But read it right through and it will all make sense.

Modtageplads “Niels” ventede forgæves

Please go and have a look. When you do it is easy to translate the Danish into English and if you don’t know how just press right click and a translate prompt should appear.

9 thoughts on “Two Aussie Airmen lost over Denmark. 9th February 1945.

  1. The translation llends much to be desired however I got the gist of it. Did you happen to notice the ages of these airmen;(fly’s)

    The Skipper a Flt/Sgt aged 22 years others the same age and a couple aged 20.

    For the life of me I cannot imagine ANY 20/22 year old of the present, in fact the last few generations , doing what these brave young men did.

    A very Special Breed!

    Theres truth in the adage; “they don’t breed them like that anymore”.

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