Wasting an afternoon

Take the following ingredients; age, winter, warm sun through the window and curried sausages.

This is what happened. It’s lunchtime and I heat up last night left over curried sausages.

(I don’t care. I like them. You can stick your paleo/gluten free/salt reduced/dairy negative/)

Then a little lie down in the armchair and about a half a page of the latest book.

And the winter lowdown sun streams through the window.

And then I wake up and the sun is about to set.

And it’s too late to do anything.

But if I put on a coat

And get the tram,

Then maybe

I can go for a long and lazy wander down to St Kilda Esplanade and tire myself out so that later on tonight I will go to sleep. And then we will not have a Winter of discontent.


17 thoughts on “Wasting an afternoon

  1. It was mostly sunny today, but in my area, that severe gusty wind was enough to keep me indoors. I noticed it was blowing the young eucalypts in front of my balcony nearly in half. Gone are the days when I would catch a quick tram or bus ride into the city in winter to do some street photography.

    Maybe the wind will drop tomorrow. I used to find St Kilda esplanade and/or pier could be pretty cold when the wind was strong.

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    1. I don’t think so. But I will bet you anything you like that Donald Trump will be able to threaten the gods of rain and thunder and sunshine and they will quiver in their boots. So wait for a day or two and tell me if it worked.

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  2. Curried sausages? Is that the best you can do? If you eat that stuff, you’d probably eat the kedgeree the War Office gets me to make for her. Can’t come at curries meself, like proper tucker!


    1. Unfortunately it requires a constant juggling of culinary skill, taste, ill fitting dentures and financial necessity. But I actually like curries in all of their endless variety in spite of my desire to live up to everyone else’s desires . But I’m not too fond of Kedgeree either.


      1. We share much in common methinks, atfer the big operation 2 years back I was told that Id lose the rest of my teeth, as everything shrank and lo and behold I did, as a consequence my plates became ill fitting dentures, even the new which I had to buy. But the glue sticks them firmly in place now and I chomp merrily away,at times. But not curries,


      2. Me too! Try the glue from Polident, the green one not the blue. It actually works.
        Lucky for me I prefer ‘wet dishes’ a nice casserole suits me, talking of which I shall ow make one for Sunday dinner. Thanks christ the War Office is easy to feed. So long as she doesn’t have to cook and there’s food to eat she’ll get stuck into it, even when we are not on speaking terms which is occurring with increasing regularity. Might be coming down to join you soon 🙂

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  3. You will know the haze of bush fires- we have all the smoke from inland,hot and oppressive, with purty sunsets ..it’s payday, curried sausage night. Love your rambling bout the city..


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