Spanish Harlem – Self Indulgence

Just read Thom Hickey‘s latest post – all about Ben E King and Leonard Cohen. His is a great blog about music.

Anyway I want to play one of my favourite songs of the sixties. Spanish Harlem by Ben E King. Probably the first Girl I ever fell in love with. And she wasn’t real either.

I have chosen the original version. Recorded in Mono. ‘cos that would have been the version I always knew.




10 thoughts on “Spanish Harlem – Self Indulgence

    1. I thought you’d be old enough to remember! We had a mono record player for some years before we got stereo. Or did y’ call it something different? Now there’s irony!


      1. The difference is in the number of channels (signals) used. Mono uses one, stereo uses more than one. In monaural sound one single channel is used. It can be reproduced through several speakers, but all speakers are still reproducing the same copy of the signal.


  1. great song, the radio station I listen to plays it often, in stereo though I’m sure. Love the beehive hairdos in this video too 🙂 reminds me of Amy Winehouse (RIP) great post sir ❤


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