Sundown at the beacon.

Sundown is the time to look for a sunset photo opportunity. And, of course, it helps a lot if there are huge clouds on the western horizon. So the question was, what will I get when there are no clouds. So I thought I’d give it a shot. I went down to the St Kilda Yacht Club and stood in the one spot and waited.

An old bushie’s rule is that you stick your arm out straight and hold your fingers in front of you, horizontal not vertical, then count how many fingers you can put between the sun and the horizon. Every finger is a quarter of an hour. Go and try it tonight. Don’t say that because you are a girl your fingers will be smaller and that will make a difference. It wont. If you are smaller than me then your arms will be shorter than mine and therefore the fingers will be closer to your eye and each one will still block out fifteen minutes. And if it doesn’t work then you’re being a bit fussy. It is only a rough estimate. But I reckon it’s pretty close. 

Between the sun and the horizon I could fit one finger so we have fifteen minutes to go.

And it was quite interesting that the colour balance changed so dramatically as soon as the sun touched the water.


Then I caught a seagull.

And another one.

Only half left.


I am always amazed when I stop and think that the light from the sun left the sun eight minutes before we see it. So in the next one the sun had set eight minutes ago. 




17 thoughts on “Sundown at the beacon.

    1. Thank you Andrew. And quite often a brilliant sunset occurs in places where there is a lot of pollution or in our case smoke from bush fires. Unfortunately California will have some spectacular sunsets in the next few days..

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  1. Been rapt watching “Master Chef Australia”, albeit 2015 edition, with some good views of your turf..always make an odd sizzling noise as sun hits ocean- I do.

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  2. beautiful photos, John. I don’t have a great horizon where I live–even though the sunsets are frequently spectacular. You’re so right about California….sadly.


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