His name is ‘Rev’

Went to the beach today. In all honesty I didn’t give a fig for all you people in the other hemisphere where it is apparently a touch cool.

It was only a bit windy but there was no surfing wave.

So I checked out the Bluff. This is Barwon Heads.

Watcha looking at is a fisherman in a boat in the (wadda you call where the river gets soaked up by the bay?) That’s him, that little black spot on the left.

But the beach I showed you first off is way around the bluff to the right.

What you have here is the coast and around to the right – and I didn’t get a photo – but further along, is the point where Port Phillip Bay breaks out into Bass Strait. (Of course if you are really interested you can always go to the PRE-GOOGLE world and get an ATLAS which you all should have from when you were in school and bloody well look it  up. It doesn’t hafta be in English.)

Then I happened to spy a bloke fishing.

This is something I hafta see.

So I go down and wait a while until he comes out for more bait.

G’day, Mate. Caught anything.


How ya goin’?

Or right.

(Blaa Blaa blaa)

Where y’ from?


All Right! Why did ya leave Bermuda to come here?

You know. History.

He didn’t want to talk. But History!. What does that mean? Only two things. The Law or a woman. 

Yep. I know. Listen. Do you reckon I could take your photo?

Why? What for?

I rabbited on for a bit and talked about interesting faces and so on.He finally said yes.

How about with ya’ hat off.


That’s good. I want a close up.

Do you know how t’ smile?


(So we traded email addresses and I sent him some copies.)

Then he went back fishing.

I had a good day.

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