He was waiting for the tram. She was waiting for the tram. In keeping with protocol they ignored each other. The tram was late. He went to the timetable on the lamp-post. He looked at his watch. Ten minutes. She looked at her mobile phone and shook her head.

“It won’t becoming. A truck hit it. There’ll be no tram for a couple of hours.” It is always calamity that breaks the boundaries of conformity.

-Well, I’m not going to work now. I’m going to have a coffee. Would you like one?

-Thank you. That would be nice.

-Great. I’m glad. My name is John.

-Hello John. I’m pleased to meet you. My name is Aiyla.

-That’s a lovely name. What does it mean?

-It means moonlight.

-You know what! I’ve been getting this tram, every day for the last three years and you’ve been getting it every day since February the third last year.

-That is true. How do you know that.

-Because that is my birthday – 3rd of Feb – and I have wanted to meet you every day since then.

-That is funny, because I have seen you every day since then and I wondered what you were like.

-Are you Australian? Aiyla doesn’t sound Australian.

-Yes I am Australian. My parents are from Bodrum on the Aegean Coast of Turkey. I came here when I was six.

They walked to the coffee lounge and took a table outside. The waiter came to take orders. 

-Are you two together? he asked.

-Yes. They answered together. The waiter left.

-So in fact, every day except for week ends we’ve been going to work together. Every day for nearly two years. We should be married by now. He joked.

-Not yet. You haven’t met my parents.

-Would you like another coffee?

-Yes, thanks. I’m buying.

-No I’ll get it. I want something to eat. What would you like?

-You choose.

The waiter brought their coffees and two baklava.

-So meeting your parents would be a good first step.

-Yes. And my brothers. And my Dede – my Grandfather.

-Good. Now we’re getting somewhere.

-What sort of wedding will we have.

-That’s going to be hard. I’m supposed to be Muslim. My family is.

-Well we’ll work that out later. First your family.

-They are a push over.

-Good. Now that’s settled. Do we have any children?

-Wow. You are a fast mover. Yes. One boy and one girl.

-Is she as pretty as you?

-No one is as pretty as me. Why would you ask? But our son – he’s ugly. Just like his father.

-Ouch. That’s tough.

-Only kidding. No. He is very handsome.

-So where do we live?

-In a flat just over there on the other side of the park.

-We need to buy a house soon. The children are getting bigger.

-We can’t afford it yet. Not on your salary. But I can keep working for a while. Anne will look after them.

-Who is Anne?

-My mother! Silly.

-You call your mother ‘Anne’.

-Anne is Turkish for ‘Mother’. Anyway if you got a better job I could stop working.

-I can’t get a better job. Not now.

-Well it doesn’t matter all that much. I’m going to New York next week.

-Are you coming back?

-Yes. No. I don’t know. I’ll see what happens. Oh, look! Here come a tram. Well. Thanks for the coffee. And the baklava.

He stood up.

She left. 

He sat down.

And his whole, entire, complete Crystal Palace of dreams crashed to the floor and shattered into tiny pieces. And the Moonlight faded.

But, in the end, you never really know how long your best romance will last.



21 thoughts on “Moonlight

  1. oh Paul, this was a very short meeting and a romance, even if this romance already existed in their heads for a long time….I think the “real” time together is what counts, because this is what we are longing for, no?
    I am really impressed by your story, because I read and read and the words for my comment were on my tongue. The whole time: “How wonderfully easy life can be!” “Everything can be so easy, if you jump over its shadow, if you believe and trust and even risk something!” …finally after haveing the other in the head a long time already!… and then this twist in the end so suddenly and dirty quick. My stomach has turned!

    It is a degree walk to treat people friendly, laugh and spend time together. If one-sided dreams and feelings arise then that is very bad. It is important to be sensitive here and to deny such hopes in time, even if it hurts. Love is not a game…and therefore it is always not easy to approach people to make friendship ( not loving feelings)…if feelings are on both sides it should be wonderful and sucessful no matter the circumstances are. But playing with feelings of others is the worst thing of all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. well one´s love the other´s hate. It is a sad line for someone who believes in dreams coming true, and a lovely one for someone who wants to show that fantasy has nothing to do with reality, or?

      Liked by 3 people

      1. hmmm, this is something to ponder. A fantasy romance is not real, or? So it is your fantasy, and only your head decides what happens. So if you want there will be never a crash…unless it became already something real. Only reality is dependent from others not your fantasy!


      2. OK. But it can only break into pieces if the fantasy meets reality. If the reality destroys your dreams, like in your story. Because the woman does not have the same dreams…she is not really in love.
        On the other hand, this coincidence is so wonderful and magnificent that the two meet in reality, right? Imagine if they had the same feelings for each other. It would have become a reality like in a fairytale book! That’s why I think you should listen to your dreams and be brave, never lose sight of reality and take advantage of the opportunities that come with it!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Funny story. I like the dialogue. Now all you need is the quotation marks and commas but it takes the scare out of working with dialogue. Good motivation for continuing to work on my idea today. Thanks.


      1. so I´m glad, that it was only in your mind…; )…and well you can let them meet again, whenever you are in a mood to and it feel better! In my mind she would have a strange time before leaving and would overthink and stay and meet again…because I´m a dreams-want-to-come-true-person.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. No, my dreams end normally with an happy end, thats why I fight for my dreams. But then we have to look what we are talking about. My dreams at night and my daydreams….I have full control, because it´only I who decides. To make dreams true, well there it needs a little bit more than my will and energy…there are many anonymous at start aswell!

        Liked by 1 person

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