Night time in the Park

It was 40 degrees C today. Then there was a cool change. No body told my pokey little flat that it was supposed to be cool. I opened the door and the window but it stayed hot and muggy and I couldn’t get to sleep.

“So, why don’t you go for a walk in the park!” said the pokey little flat.

“Or ride,” I said with cynicism dripping like vitriol from my lips. “I will. And I’ll take my camera.”

“It’s seven and a half minutes before midnight,” said the aforesaid room. “You can’t take photos at this time.”

“I can too,” I said as I stomped out. My big growed up son and my clever little daughter showed me that there is a lot you can do with a camera and a smidgeon of brain power.

So I went walking, down to the end of the road, and into the park.

And I took lots of photos in the dark and I will say no more.

“No more,” he said. “Except to say that these are taken at around about midnight on Friday in Caulfield Park after a hot and uncomfortable day.”

Do I need to explain that if you click one one photo – just one click you can start a slide show? (Just for my big sister.)

(All these photos were taken using the light from the scattered lamps throughout the park. Most were shot with the ISO set at 400 but some needed to go on ISO 800. All were exposed for one second with an aperture of 4.8, but I must be more careful with focus next time.)


23 thoughts on “Night time in the Park

    1. It is quite simple if you have a teenager or someone pretty up to date with things to show you which buttons to press. My camera has always been able to do it, but I needed my children to tell me how.


  1. Liked the slide show.

    My memory tells me that 104°+F – we were not civilized on Celcius when I was living in Melbourne – was very oppressive; almost to the point of being unbearable; yet when I lived in The Great Sandy Desert and the thermometer hit 50°+C there was no problem handling that heat at all.
    You have my sympathies, we’re getting it warm here too, but it’s not so oppressive.
    Better stay off that home brew, it’ll dehydrate you get stuck into the water lad!


      1. I’m consuming copious quantities of iced tea these days, beer once a month; sometimes, for some reason I can no longer stomach water, perhaps it’s because I no longer have one


  2. John, I love the dialogue at the top, and left a comment on one of the photos – DSC_0526-001. Plus a request to use the photo for a poem I have yet to write. I’m not sure where my comment and request went, but now I can sleep tonight knowing you have it right here!

    Your impromptu wanderings with your camera are most productive and enlightening. Thank you!


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