Who knows where time goes.

I have been a bit worn out of late and can’t put my mind to writing. I have also stepped sideways around your posts and will try to catch up some time. I just don’t want to feel guilty if I miss some.

Here is a shot of the sun going down on the jetty at Half Moon Bay. (Melbourne.) I would have taken more but the battery in the camera died.

And here is a song to make it worth your while that you dropped in . “Who know where the time goes” by Sandy Denny.

Don’t try and read too much into it.

Thanks to Thom Hickey of The Immortal Jukebox for pointing out some of the great songs that I missed. If you were impressed by Sandy Denny’s singing then go and learn more.


12 thoughts on “Who knows where time goes.

  1. Time is a strange thing and I keep asking myself how to better fit it in and what is worthwhile. What are we speculating on? Thanks for your post, nice song and picture !!!

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