Mum and Dad.

This would have been one of the few photos taken of Mum and Dad when I was growing up in the bush. Getting ready to go to church. 30+ Kilometre drive in an old Hupmobile. This would have been 1955ish

Photo posted in response to Elouise comment on earlier post.

Here is a much earlier one of him and below that one when he was about sixty eight. (I think)

14 thoughts on “Mum and Dad.

      1. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of his studious look! I can see he meant business…. and, in the younger photo, why your mum fell for him, or perhaps it was the other way around?


  1. Good pictures. The very fact that there are so few old pictures makes them all the more interesting. Too many pictures now which will spoil the surprise and the joy of coming across pictures like these!


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