Ballarat Begonias repost

Most of you have seen this – it is only ten days old. But I am posting it again to test someone else’s ‘Notification’ system. Please forgive the imposition.

Begonias are beautiful. They are big buxom flowers. Soft, gentle and welcoming.

The Glass House in the Ballarat Gardens has a couple and I want to share them.

I have taken the trouble to reduce the pixel count to save space and to see how it affects the quality of the photos. I wouldn’t mind a bit of feedback – that’s if you’ve had a coffee already, otherwise don’t worry.

16 thoughts on “Ballarat Begonias repost

  1. The photos (and flowers) look great.
    I have a suggestion.
    If I right-click on an individual photo, I get an option to open it in another tab, and I can see that it’s still a pretty large photo. If you reduce the size some more, you will save more space and the photo will still fill the page. The slideshow is further reducing the size on the screen to fit into the slide show. (If I right click the image within the slideshow, I get an option to see the photo alone, but it’s the smaller size.)

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  2. I love the Begonia Festival in Ballarat. Bill and I discovered it by accident when we were on our honeymoon. I wanted to go on a driving holiday, and we ended up covering 5000 klms from Sydney to Adelaide via the coast and return. Big mistake for a honeymoon but we are still together – so what the heck. But a big plus was stumbling into Ballarat at just the the right time of the year. I have never forgotten those stunning flowers. As for your photos – I didn’t comment on your earlier post about reaching your limit because all the others were already on to it. I too, agonise that reducing the image size ruins the intensity of the photo, but since we are using the photos to illustrate the story (and not to enter the Royal Easter Show which will be a post in the near future), and we need enough space to keep telling our stories, I think a compromise is in order. Your photos look good to me.

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  3. Stunning photos! I’m so glad you posted them again. I don’t know about the size of the photos and all that. I do know these are gorgeous colors, displayed in a beautiful setting. My father had a thing about begonias and orchids. Could never have enough of them around the house….or ferns, either.


  4. Those voluptuous flowers are indeed splendid. I have just been to Daylesford: what a pity I didn’t know about the begonias so nearby in Ballarat! The photos seem to be perfect to me.


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