Maps of Road trip. All of NSW.

This is the map from the Victoria/New South Wales border following the Yellow line.

I didn’t mark the next part of the stage but it takes the road out to the right. (East) which will appear on the next map in Pink.

This is from Corowa to Condoblin.  Corowa to Narrandera  (The little pink flower)    Narrandera to Condoblin.

Now we pick up the Pink road. until it meets the blue road. Which gets us to the Queensland border.

This starts with today’s post and will probably take a couple more to complete.

To make sense you might need to look at an atlas page.

9 thoughts on “Maps of Road trip. All of NSW.

  1. I’ve never read a map of Autralia closely – some gems on there – including Ladysmith and the Humbug River. We sent a parcel to Wagga Wagga last week – I didn’t realise it was in such a built up area, always imagined the map of Australia to be much emptier. 🙂


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