Bourbon – I am not happy, Bruce.

I’m allowed to have one small whisky every second night – my doctor said.

I ran out of whisky.

I bought a small bottle of Kentucky Bourbon. For a change!

I should have just bought a bottle of vanilla essence.

I am now sick.

How can you guys drink that? Unless you drown it in Coke?



43 thoughts on “Bourbon – I am not happy, Bruce.

  1. I am enjoying a Makers Mark and I wonder at those that drink that stuff that passes for Scotch whisky here in Australia, Stuff that is brought out in large casks (almost in syrup form) and bottled under bond using Australian water, Probably from the Yarra River.
    My Makers Mark is brewed and bottled in Kentucky.
    Then again you can buy some cheap rubbish that pretends to be BOURBON


      1. and I’m on my second double 🙂
        Even my docs think it will do me no harm, and GOD aka Dr Sandroussi used to put a bottle of BOURBON away, every day.No wonde I trus him with my life!

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      2. If you mean the Makers Mark; it’s really the new chum on the block, established around 1958 so just 60 year old.It’s now owned by the makers of Jim Beam and at times I think it’s staring to taste like JB. I’m partial to Wild Turkey but the WO likes the MM bottle better, and she usually gives me 2 bottles at christmas.


    1. I gave up Scotch a long time ago; what passes as Scotch in Australia is stuff that’s sent here in BIG barrels, then ”bottled under bond’ using the local water to break it down,No knowing where the water originates.
      I have been given and have bought bottles of single malt that are passable, but I prefer the taste of a good bourbon; there are bad bourbons just as there are bad scotches you get what you pay for. and forget the SNOB appeal of SCOTCH!
      Here ends the lesson for today

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      1. True story:
        I recall one night at the airport lounge bar in Melbourne I happened to get a very large Ozzie blow fly, flying into my mouth, Nick the Irish barman, ( No 2 barman in Australia 1963) poured me a big slug of Jamiesons Irish Whiskey, told me to swill it around and swallow it,
        It would kill anything the blowie left, I said you mean spit it out;
        h\He said no “swallow it, you don’t waste good whiskey!” So I did, and have never had an Irish whiskey since!

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    1. Never I recall what Winston Churchill once said; ” I do not trust and will not employ any who will not take a drink!” or words to that effect;
      Churchill, as we know enjoyed champagne with his breakfast. Never did have any class; a true Englishman would have had a pint of bitter!


  2. At the NYE party organised by my friend and I for 63 fellow residents, we ran two games with Chivas Regal as the prizes. Happy to say the winners happened to be people who most appreciated it. One lady has a tipple every night before bed.

    We also served a “wee dram” (Johnny Walker Red) and a slice of fruit cake after the 9pm fireworks. I haven’t drunk whiskey for years, and never straight at that, but in my heightened and slightly stressed state I slugged one back – and it was gooooood.

    But as for bourbon or its look-alike Southern Comfort, I got sick on them 40 years back and have never touched them since.

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      1. Strange you should say that, would you believe that I do not have hair growing in my nostrils?
        Back in 2005/6 when I had those injections before the Brachytherapy treatment for prostate cancer, one of the side effects was the loss of some bodily hair, I have not had hair in the armpits on my legs or chest in my nose since 2005/6. It all just went, Luckily it stayed on the top of my head; unluckily I still need to shave. a couple of times a week.

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