The 1950s -Old photos for Ida May to see.

Dear Ida May,

When there were only three of us, Aunty Robin and Me and Uncle David, we lived in Hampton which is in Melbourne and I don’t remember anything about it. 

Then we moved to a little farm in a town called Tyabb which is south of Melbourne. This is where I burnt the haystack down. And we had a dog.

And this is Uncle Michael and hay.

Then we moved to a place called Stewarts Range in South Australia and there wasn’t any town just scrub.

Here is my Mother and Father. They were dressed up like this because we were about to go to church. Behind them you can see what the bush looked like. It wasn’t all like that but I’ll show you more in a sec.

And here is all of us ready for Church and Sunday School. The two little ones are your Aunty Fiona and your Uncle Michael. Aunty Robin is missing because someone had to take the photo and she was the oldest so she got to do that.

Next is the same but now Robin is in it. You can tell she is the oldest because she is serious and we are not.

They were taken at different times of the year hence the change of attire.

Below is the little church we went to.

And here are all the kids at Sunday School. Aunty Robin would know their names but I don’t – except for Carol who I liked a lot. She is at the back next to the boy with the big teeth.

Where we lived there was scrub as I have aforementioned. But Daddy (who would be your Great Grandfather) had to work hard to make it into a farm To do that he had to put a fence around it and clear some of the scrub so he could sow grass seed and clover and have sheep and cows.  Here he is sitting down after he has put in a big heavy fence post and here are all of us who have come down in the cart with sandwiches and a cup of tea.

But he also had to build a house. He didn’t do it all on his own because Mummy helped – lots.

Here is David and Fiona and Michael playing dress-ups and the house Daddy built is behind them.

Then he built one out of stone. It is called Mount Gambier stone and you can cut it with an ordinary wood saw.

Here you can see the house on the left and then the stone house and then the shed.

But he also had to build a shearing shed for the sheep to be shorn in.

And a dairy to milk the cows in.

But we used to play around a bit.

With a billy cart.

And climbing trees.

And riding our horse called Margot.

I think that’s enuff for now.



9 thoughts on “The 1950s -Old photos for Ida May to see.

    1. And because it is so porous people often – then, I don’t know about now – used to hose the walls down and soak them and the evaporation would cool the house down and in a fire situation the water vapour acted as a blanket.


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