Back then

We were rich back then

It was a hot December day. A stinking hot December day. Dad helped us harness up the old draught horse. Ben was ten foot tall. To me he was ten foot tall but I was only ten and Ben was a big horse. You could walk under him without bending. Not really but sort of.

If it was the gig and I had to harness the old mare – that was easy. But the cart was big and Ben was big and the harness was heavy for a kid of ten. So Dad helped.

It was a hot day. If I said it was as hot as Hell you would get the idea but I wouldn’t get supper for swearing. But it was.

So all us kids got our togs on and old Ben took us down to the swamp. We were going swimming. We could have walked but we wouldn’t have gone swimming. All around the swamp there was tea-tree and it was thick and we couldn’t walk through it. When we got there, old Ben just trod in and the cart knocked the tea-tree down and soon we were in clear water. Well the water wasn’t clear, it was brown like a cup of black tea  and it wasn’t too deep because when I jumped in it only came up nearly to my shoulders but it was fun.

Old Ben just stood and we jumped off the cart and into the water and the dogs came out too and even once Robin who was only a girl climbed up onto old Ben’s back and jumped off from there. She was twelve. But brave for being a girl.

We had a lot of fun. And I wrote a little poem because of it.

It goes like this and you can keep on and on with the words and change them if you want.

We were rich back then.

I didn’t know but I was only ten.

But we were rich back then.

We had no money way back then.

The house was warm

and we could play back then.

My mum and dad they loved each other then.

My mum and dad they loved us all back then.

And we were rich back then.

We swam in swamps when I was only ten

And we were rich back then.

This isn’t Ben but it is like him – and the cart.


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