cold and cloudy.

Well, well, well! It’s hot here, cold there, drought in Melbourne and floods in Townsville and stupid people who don’t believe in anthropogenic global warming and even stupider people who think it means it’ll never snow in South Bend, Indiana ever again so bring it on.

But boy Oh boy the weather certainly changed in Melbourne today – sunshine then clouds then more clouds, bigger darker ones and then sun peeping through and the first time I’ve worn a windcheater for about five months but oh my, the humility is getting to me. Actually got down to 14C this morning. (57F) But as for rain those clouds were a figment of the rain god’s imagination.

7 thoughts on “cold and cloudy.

    1. Yes. We are obsessed about the weather. When we have bushfires people die. Today is the tenth anniversary of Black Saturday. 178 dead and 2000 plus houses destroyed. And today, three foot of water in two days of rain and 300,000 cattles drowned. Of course we’re bloody obsessed. And Donald Bloody Trump says he wants global warming so that it doesn’t snow when he wants to play golf.

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