Ballarat sundown

OK. I’ve had my fill of Melbourne sunsets. Now for my first try at Ballarat. Obvious starting point is Lake Wendouree.

There’s about forty minutes to go ’til sundown so I’ll sit and eat my fish ‘n’ chips.

It’s still too early so just a peep around one of the boatsheds.

There are three German howitzers on View Point in Lake Wendouree. The guns were captured by the 15th Infantry Brigade in 1918.


(The 15th Brigade was an infantry brigade of the Australian Army. Originally raised in 1912 as a Militia formation, the brigade was later re-raised as part of the First Australian Imperial Force during World War I. The brigade took part in the fighting on the Western Front in France and Belgium during 1916–1918 before being disbanded in 1919.

At the outset of the World War II, due to the provisions of the Defence Act (1903) which prohibited sending the Militia to fight outside of Australian territory, the decision was made to raise an all volunteer force, the Second Australian Imperial Force (2nd AIF), for service overseas. As a result of this, the Militia units that already existed were used to provide a cadre of trained personnel upon which to raise the units of the 2nd AIF, as well as to administer the training of conscripts that were called up following the reinstitution of the compulsory training scheme in January 1940.)

7 thoughts on “Ballarat sundown

      1. My uncle, too, was in the RAAF in New Guinea, and Morotai? (I think). I can’t remember his capacity, but his literacy was so bad that on his application he is listed as a woodsman. He was actually a wardsman in a Sydney hospital 🙂

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