Painted Buildings

Buildings as canvas. I don’t know how widespread this phenomenon is. I expect it depends on your personal opinion; it is either a thing to be lauded or a scourge.

It does attract crowds to the city after dark and it does highlight the buildings. (I don’t know if that is a pun or not.)

It happened in Ballarat overnight last Saturday. Let me show you then I’ll tell you what I think.

I am in two minds. As a longtime resident of Ballarat I have always been amazed at the beautiful buildings and am often surprised by the number of people who never look up to see what is here. Then they throng to the centre of the city to see the buildings painted in all manner of gaudy colours — and in some case painted in ways that showcase a building’s structure and style.

Some I like, some I really don’t like.

An example I like is the Mechanics Institute.

But one that stands as the very worst is the Mining Exchange. This is a beautiful building when ever one sees it – except on Saturday night.

So. There you have it. I am now officially a curmudgeon.

12 thoughts on “Painted Buildings

  1. I must say, I turned my head on the side as I looked at the Mining Exchange. What on earth? Does that say . . . The Milk Bar????? Ballarat is a beautiful city with an amazing history and well-built buildings of beauty. But hey! If it even gets out ageing single men on a Saturday night – then go for it! Community rules!

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