Buildings lit or not

These are some shots of some Ballarat buildings. I have tried to take the photos of each building from the same place each time. The ones taken at night were taken by handheld or held against a lamp post. The lamp post must have shaken when I took the one of the Mining Exchange.

Mining Exchange


Mechanics Institute


Old ANZ Bank Building


Federation University City Campus

(Old Post Office)


Old Bank of Australasia Building


Craigs Hotel

You can make up your own mind about the painted buildings. As far as I am concerned all these buildings should be lit at night. The last one, Craigs Hotel, and the second one, The Mechanics Institute are the only ones that are illuminated at night time. All the others rely on street lamps.

8 thoughts on “Buildings lit or not

  1. Now you have to use your story-telling skills to bring your readers the story of Walter Craig of the Craig Hotel, and his winning horse, Nimblefoot.
    And you sparked my memory to find the newspaper advertisement placed by my great-grandmother in The Australian Star newspaper in October 1895, viz,
    “MELBOURNE CUP,- 1895.
    Name of WINNER this year’s Cup
    DIVULGED on receipt of 2s 6d postal note or stamps
    Honourable secrecy expected.
    NIMBLEFOOT, c.o. L. Whitley,
    198 Oxford-street, Sydney.”
    Naughty, naughty, granny. And silly too. I think that was her correct address.

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  2. We seem to prefer to light up churches and cathedrals, but only with ordinary light. I suspect that it is a security measure to some extent, given the amount of lead in the normal church roof.


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