I have much stumble!

It’s four in the morning, or maybe closer to five after putting on the kettle and toasting two slices of bread and the question is, why at this time of the morning am I writing a blog post. Because I am suffering from a self induced temporary disruption of circadian rhythms brought about by spending four weeks on the wrong side of the globe.

And the bigger question seems to be what does having stumble mean. Nobody asks me to pontificate upon the economy of Ethiopia. There is no query concerning the need for drastic agrarian reform nor any talk of the underlying desperate poverty of her underclasses. Or John, old fellow, how about some first hand reflection on the role of Christian missionaries in one of the oldest continuing civilisations upon this benighted world. Or the rather dangerous partnership of Putin and Trump as they jointly cheer the disintegration of the EU!

Well folks, I will get around to all that in due course of time.

But you are worried by ‘stumble‘. The story is of epical irrelevance.

Andrew Petcher – my latest BFF – and I were chatting with the receptionist at the place we stayed and I asked her where her delightful accent originated. She, being a person with an equally delightful sense of humour put her phone down on the desk – we didn’t realise she was talking to her boss – and asked us to guess. I had no idea and so we eliminated almost every country in Europe until Andrew suggested Lithuania correctly.

“Where are you from?” she asked me. And what’s good for the gander being equally good for the goose I suggested she try and guess who I was. I was offended by some of her suggestions.

“Well you are certainly not Australian.”

Her reason was that I was not wearing a broad brimmed hat with dangling corks. But I clarified the situation.

Then I asked her if she had a supply of razors as I had lost my third one, this time in Jersey.

She found one and then suggested it was a good idea for me to have a shave.

“Because you have much stumble.”

We all laughed at this, we corrected her with the alternative “stubble” and as Andrew and I walked down the corridor to our rooms we could hear her laughing as she explained all to her boss who was still holding the line.


Below are the links to Andrews posts which are full of much better information than my posts will have – when I write them.



14 thoughts on “I have much stumble!

      1. I told you about the Tulip Conference held in Spalding. When I got home I remembered that the delegate from Melbourne gave me a pin badge in the shape of Australia but I haven’t been able to find it yet.


  1. When I was in Paris once, a French friend pointed out a building for worship – the “mosquito of Paris”. Earlier that day I had described a woman with a “jupe” round her neck – that is a skirt, not a scarf. Honours even we thought.

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    1. Okay Jo . I have always been called John you are allowed to call me John. I change my name to Paolsoren because I was being trolled and I wanted to hide for awhile. Paolsoren is my gggrandfather from my mother’s side.


  2. Came across your blog through reading Andrew’s” Sounds you had a great time meeting up. That’s the best bit of blogging, meeting blog buddies in the flesh. I’m enjoying reading some of your posts

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