Autumn (Early)

Right! So a few of you don’t like me messin’ around with the exposure and contrast. Well I went for a short walk around the block and the sun didn’t shine most of the time so I stopped and waited ’til I got a bit of light. (Is that cheating? Or should I take the photo when it is dark and gloomy. After all the photos would be real!) And I’m not going to be able to go up to Yvonne’s place where all the Autumn leaves are s’posed to be fantastic.

11 thoughts on “Autumn (Early)

  1. Good grief, you sound grumpy!

    Your leaves are looking much more interesting than the ones around here. I guess it’s just that touch cooler down where you live, triggering the chemical changes that cause us to wander around, searching for the changing colours of autumn.

    I’m grumpy too. They are burning the pine trash in the hills behind my place; my eyes are all scritchy and sore. Poor me.


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