Apart from a few phone calls this is the only way we can communicate because we put something out there and get comments back. It’s quite effective actually.

The young and oblivious. The Brown Falcon  Falco berigora

The old and the new
Arch of Victory Ballarat.

That’s it for now.

16 thoughts on “Contact!

      1. As an American, I am also very concerned for America. It really depends, though, on where in America one happens to be. New York, New Jersey, New Orleans are struggling right now, but in California we seem to be doing pretty well. Our state leadership is planning well, implementing well enough to help some of the other troubled states, and somewhat ahead of the curve (in the older parlance). We seem to have “flattened the curve” (in Covid-19 parlance), which basically means that we have managed the hospitalizations and critical illnesses to a level that the hospitals can cope with what they’re seeing. As I see that, though, it really means that we’ve also delayed the peak times, and we may suffer longer/later than other states.

        It will also be difficult to open up again, as many of the small businesses that make up the larger cities are really struggling, and many will not survive — that’s the next crisis, though, and we’re not really ready for that one. I fear that we will suffer economically for many years to come!

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