A walk in the park

The Begonias are all gone – locked away. All the annual flower beds are naked except for the roses which are, of course, bushes and not annuals so they stay put even when there is a virus threatening everyone. I couldn’t get too close to take photos because people were sitting amongst the roses having picnics.

I crept up to a tree and spied some rays of sun shining on the bark. “That’ll do,” I said to myself. “Anyway, if people in the northern hemisphere aren’t clever enough to know that it is getting to be winter down here then it can’t be helped. So I will just show them bark on old trees. Lots! But before that………

………… the Prime Ministers’ Walk. Here every Prime Minister since Federation has a bronze likeness on a plinth of marble. From the longest serving Sir Robert Menzies (18 yrs 5 m) to the shortest, Francis Forde who served for only six days during the second war. There is only one woman here, Julia Gillard who served for three years. It is obvious that she is still remembered with affection by the person who kindly presented her with a coronavirus mask.

But back to the bark. Click on one to see them all at the larger size.

These are all in the Botanical Gardens so it isn’t any surprise that all but one are introduced species.

12 thoughts on “A walk in the park

  1. I love trees, and the multitude of textures in their bark. These are good examples. That mask is cute, and probably wouldn’t look as good on the male prime ministers.


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