Bark. Bark. Bark. and some nuts.

aIn continuing my lethargic attitude to Isolation, the fact that is is cold, there is a wind blowing and I have nothing positive to say about the morons assaulting the Governor of Michigan with assault weapons and the fact that they haven’t been charged with any assault all leads to a sublime look at the bark on trees.

There are nine. And one photo of nuts being attacked by an insect.

9 thoughts on “Bark. Bark. Bark. and some nuts.

  1. So even though some of these trees have been assaulted with malicious weapons, they have survived and are thriving, even with their wounds showing. Great capture.

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  2. There are plenty of nuts over in the country you have alluded to. It’s blood chilling to know those morons can wander around carrying deadly weapons like that. Greatest nation in the world, that’s a bit of a joke.

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  3. I like the first one, the third and the fourth the most. However I think the colours in the first one are beautiful, so I like it the most.


  4. I think there is a ‘Nothing lasts forever’ line coded into humans. Eventually success breeds failure. ‘Rights’ become much more important than ‘Duties.’ Eventually erodes the advantage. What better way to show dissent than thrusting guns in the face of an elected rep.

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  5. Great shots of bark — and I particularly like the seed pods! It was pointed out to me that Kent State was 50 years ago today. That was a peaceful protest of the Cambodian campaign during the VietNam era on the campus of Kent State University in Ohio, to which the police took rifles and killed numerous students. Fortunately, we lived through that sad incident, and many others since, but history does have a way of repeating itself!

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