Clouds and rocks and water

The first chance for CJ and me to go out together for a bit of a drive. Particularly when it was only 10C and the was a fair wind from the south west. (That’s where our cold comes from in the southern hemisphere.) But even more particularly because I wanted to show her something special.

Up there about one third of the way in from the left.

There was some muted sunlight to put a bit of colour on here. But it didn’t last for long. I kept saying I hoped it would get better the closer we got. But we’re heading up where the clouds are.

You can see the scars of bushfire from ten years ago.

But we get to where I wanted to go and CJ doesn’t seem a bit phased by the weather.

Keep walking CJ. Just around the corner to the left.

Yeah. She was happy.

So she took a photo of me just for a change.


She spotted something on the log that was just near my head. I wouldn’t have seen it but she did.

These were tiny – the biggest one wouldn’t have been 10mm across.

All in all it was a delightful afternoon.

And we had a few biscuits and bananas and milk and then it rained.

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