Black-winged stilt

Is it the Black-winged stilt or the Black-necked stilt?

It doesn’t really matter, does it.

Himantopus himantopus

I like the patterns made with the bird and the reflection.


I took these in the old saltpans in Geelong. As you can imagine with our climate salt is very easy to get. But I noticed just a minute ago that the salt was flowing out of my green plastic container as it usually does. Then I looked carefully. The green container is almost identical to the empty one I need to throw out and it is made in Portugal. Not Australia. It is just that it might be a few cents cheaper (Bought it at ALDI ) but if we are concerned about the environment how much CO2 was expended carting the bloody stuff halfway around the world. I only went to that supermarket because I had run out of salt and remembered at the last moment as I drove past.

Silly me. I wont go there again.

11 thoughts on “Black-winged stilt

  1. Saw a story on TV about the fantastic Blueberries grown on farms here in Queensland.
    Where do the frozen blueberries in Coles come from??


    1. Oddly enough, I noticed the exact thing the other day. We bought salt at Woolworths and because I didn’t want to loiter, grabbed the one that looked most familiar. In terms of presentation, it is very similar to Aldis, but how surprised was I to realise Aldis is from Portugal, as John says.
      SAXA salt is definitely made in Australia, and buried in the logo and printing on the front is a map of Australia with “from the seas of Australia” printed around it.


  2. Have you ever had any of your photos printed on canvas to adorn your walls? Any one of these would be a worthy candidate. Kmart, Officeworks and BigW are among those who offer the service.

    It’s mighty frosty up here in the Ovens Valley this morning.


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