Maryborough. Victoria.

Maryborough is a small town just 70 kilometres north of Ballarat with population of about 8,000. It has a big Railway station. Mark Twain visited the town in 1895 and declared that Maryborough was “A railway station with a town attached”.

Some people believe that this is a result of a bureaucratic mixup and the station was intended for Maryborough in Queensland which is about four times bigger. Maybe the stations got switched. Below is what the bigger town got.

Sadly we will leave the Queensland town and return to Victoria.

The inside of the station is equally impressive.

The entry is more impressive than my photo. I wanted to take a photo of the ceiling and I forgot to adjust my settings until it was too late. Here is a small part of the woodwork.

And below is the fireplace in the waiting room/cafe.

For railway buffs the inside rail next to the platform is so that two systems can operate: Standard Gauge and Broad Gauge. There are still remnants of the two gauges in Australia which hark back to the different State Jurisdictions that operated before Federation in 1901.

Next we have the Fire Alarm Tower, The Court House, Post Office, Town Hall, The Pub, and the High Street roundabout. (In any order.)

Below I have a map of the Victorian Rail Network. Again for Rail buffs.

The blue line is the Standard gauge (1435mm 4ft 8½ inches )which extends into New South Wales and into South Australia. The orange indicates the original state only broad gauge (1600 mm 5ft 3inches)

26 thoughts on “Maryborough. Victoria.

    1. Nope. That’s an ANZAC. He stays. He wasn’t a Victorian try to destroy a Queenslander. We solved our difficulties without killing half our population. The only reason a Northern Queenslander or a West Australian will get angry with a Victorian or a Tasmanian is if we beat them at football and if they don’t buy the next round of drinks.

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      1. I was in a bar in Ios in the Greek Islands in 2011 watching the Rugby World Cup. Australia were playing. All of the Aussies were in another room watching your version of a football match . I asked them why they weren’t watching the Rugby. They explained to me that they had no interest in Rugby football because it was an eastern states game and they were all from the west. I was genuinely surprised by that.

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  1. The decorations on the roof seen on the photo from the open platform remind me so much of London Victoria Station, Liverpool Street Station and Paddington Station from the Queen Victoria times. Hopefully, they will never be pulled down

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      1. That was what I thought too. Here in Denmark, our old stations look similar to each other and were built in an excellent and lasting quality though not in the Victorian style

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