15 thoughts on “Just for a change….

  1. I’ve just watched a Discovery Channel programme about the countryside around Ballarat. They were following up reports of people seeing a big cat and a large number of Eastern Grey Kangaroos ripped to bits. They didn’t find any evidence of their own, but there were quite few farmers who’d seen it.


    1. There have been stories of Big Cats all over the Western District from Ballarat to the South Australian coast. They do know of some USA Army units that did have a cougar or a puma as a mascot and when they were told to destroy it they released it. I’ve heard those stories since I was a boy.


    1. Don’t worry about me doing anything stupid. My daughter wont let me buy takeaway coffee. So yesterday when we went for a drive we took cut sandwiches and coffee and biscuits with us.

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  2. Still get surprised by the verdant countryside. Somehow, and I know I am making an unfair sweeping generalisation, I have associated the Australian countryside with more barren than green. But I am learning. BTW, your circular casing of pictures comes out neat.

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