Victoria update.

Good Morning all. Melbourne has gone back into serious lockdown and now Ballarat we are being asked to wear masks when we go shopping in crowded places like supermarkets. And of course the fifth columnists are all saying it is the Premier’s fault. I have wondered, if all these gainsayers know so much and are so clever, why have they waited until so many people have died before they let us in on the secret. One of the morons posted something about Dr Fauci being a 35 year long criminal.

But the idea that the Premier is to blame is so stupid.

Anyway that is just a bit of letting off steam. Andrew asked me how my book is going. Answer: It is going well but my main character has begun to dictate to me. I created her out of my mind, but she has started to shake herself free. Another question was whether the book is autobiographical. It isn’t, but I do make use of people I have known and borrow a bit here and there.

For example there was one girl I knew when I was nineteen. I haven’t put her into the book, although maybe another time.

Allyson was a ballet student. She wore her black hair tied back tight. She wore high heeled shoes. She had a ballet dancer’s figure. I have no idea what she thought about, and back then I didn’t care.

I was studying law. Two nights a week Allyson had ballet classes in Melbourne just around the corner from the Melbourne State Library. The Library is one of Melbourne’s great buildings.

I would take my books and study in the Library while Allyson was having her ballet class and I always chose the desk as far away from the front door as possible on the right hand side. So I could hear her when she arrived. The floor did not have carpets. The floor had a solid stone floor or something but not carpet or timber. And I would study; Contract law or Criminal law or The Law of Torts or Introduction to Legal Methods and I would wait for her. At some time or other, I forget, but back then my watch told me, Allyson would finish her class and enter the Library.

And she would walk around the Library on the right hand side to the very last desk. Clip, clip, clip. Her high heels clipped on the floor.  And she would sit and wait patiently until I had finished the case I was reading. And then I would drive her home.

Allyson got a scholarship to go and study at the Royal Ballet School in London. She had little financial backing so she went to England on a bus that went from Singapore, through India and Nepal to Europe and London. And she fell in love with the bus driver and they got married and she didn’t go to the Royal Ballet School. And that was that.

Now you know about heartbreak.

I was only nineteen.

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