It’s a bit restricting this bloody Coronavirus thing. In Victoria we are being required to wear mask whenever we are outside. (I just deleted a rant about morons and idiots) Anyway I can’t get out and take lots of pretty pictures but I did find an SD card with a lot of photos from 2017.

In Geelong, which is about 80 kms south of Ballarat, there is a profusion of bollards. There are more than a hundred but I’ve only given you these.

I thought you might like to see ’em. Without further comment.


21 thoughts on “Bollards

  1. They are on my hope list to see one day.

    Did your rant include foolish teenage girls taking a gift back from Melbourne to Queensland?

    My rant today centred around the need to move heaven and earth to get footballers out of Melbourne, while people can’t even say goodbye to their deceased family member, nor even see them in their coffin. The rant also encompassed the poor training and pay for those who work in nursing homes.

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      1. Or, was it this; they each impinge on our areas: Ms Neville said police fined someone on Friday for driving from Melbourne to Wodonga, which takes around three and a half hours, “to have a Big Mac”.

        Another person was fined for driving an hour and a half from Melbourne to Ballarat “for fresh air”, while another took an hour-long drive from Werribee to Springvale “to buy groceries”, she said.

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      2. No. It was the F””wit who drove to Melbourne yesterday for a doctors appointment and then visited 15 Op-shops looking for a book. And then this morning goes into a bookshop in Ballarat and says it was a lot of fun.

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      1. What I think is that they should be locked up for fourteen days. I’m 77 and I have a bit of emphysema and my doctor says I’m a lay down mi sere to get dead if I catch the virus.


    1. Officially they are those big heavy posts that ships tie up to on jetties. Modern ones can be steel and variously shaped. They are also the posts you see outside buildings that stop cars running into the front window.

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  2. And here I thought “Bollards!” was a semi-curse word! Actually, these are charming. Much better than the ugly posts we see around here. As for the rest of it, don’t send the freedom lovers our way. We have way too many of them already, beginning with POTUS. Hope you have a reasonably happy, sane day.


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