The other day when there was a gentle lifting of the Covid lockdown I took the opportunity to go fo a drive. I spied a Kookaburra on a powerline and did a U-turn and then crept quietly and got the shot I wanted to.

I was so pleased.

But, and here’s the rub, at a similar time my daughter CJ went for a compulsory exercise walk and got luckier. And I am green with envy.

There was one sitting on the Prisoners Of War memorial. (Looking out of the photo but sometimes you have to take what you can).

That’s better. But try and get a good bright shot with the eye showing.

There you are. He turned around for you.

Yes. Well done. If it stays can you walk around the other side of the memorial. I know it’s a long walk but it might be worth it.

Yep. That’s what I mean.

Do you want more? How about when he dropped down and pulled a witchetty grub out of the ground?

That’d be nice



Thank you Claudia.

18 thoughts on “Kookaburra

  1. Both birds were so kind as to stay for various shots with the cameras. Most of our birds are very shy.
    Meeting birds during my walks and runs also make my day.

    That war memorial was beautiful too.

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