Something for the little ones.

The Bumble Bump.

Last night while everyone was sleeping

I was awake and my heart was leaping.

There was a terrible crashing on the outside door

I jumped out of bed and fell flat on the floor.

I bumped my head and stubbed a toe

And there in my yard was an eerie glow.

Now I might be brave and I might be big

But it looked like a bumble bump in a bad wig.

So I wanted to run and I wanted to hide

But the eerie thing asked to come inside.

And I’m always polite so I said, Please do

Would you like me to cook some asparagus stew.

And the Bumble bump said yes, that’d be nice

So I put on a saucepan to boil some rice.

If you have never seen a bumble bump before

Then you can’t imagine just what’s in store.

He’s big as a camel and ugly as a bat

But his heart is really lots nicer than that

When the rice was cooked, the asparagus too

We sat down and chatted as good friends do

So like all good stories there’s a moral to this tale.

Even scary monsters can be really quite nice when you get to know them.[audio

14 thoughts on “Something for the little ones.

      1. It’s a splendid idea that you read some of your posts aloud.
        We both succeded to make our WP function properly again by logging out and in again. We had trouble commenting and liking blogs

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