Covid-19 I don’t like you.

Here is a little ditty I penned in honour of the Virus. You can listen to it or read it. Or both.

I don’t think I’m happy with Covid-19

There are things that are hidden and things that are seen

But mostly the thing that I don’t like the most

Is thinking of things that I thought were all ghost.

Things that I’d buried deep down in the past.

Things that I thought that I’d buried at last.

Because when you are old and locked up alone

And your only connection is friends on the phone

You’ve got plenty of time to sit and recall

On times when you belted your head on the wall,

Of times that you wish you could take it all back

When all of your joys turned to something quite black.


When you chatted with friends about things that you did

And they laughed and said keep that one under your lid.

It’s all very well when you’re there with your mate

He’ll just tell you to leave it alone. It’s too late.

But it isn’t too late to reach out and reflect

On good friends you’ve lost and things that you wrecked.


So sitting at home with Covid-19

Makes me think about things that I thought could have been

Of things that I dreamt of. Things I desired

People I loved and some I admired.

If I could go back and start over again

Would I cry ‘alleluia’ or whisper ‘Amen?’

Would I weep in my whisky

Or dance on my bed

Or look at the clock and thank God when I’m dead?


8 thoughts on “Covid-19 I don’t like you.

  1. What sort of whisky/whiskey is it? Doesn’t the spelling affect the country of origin? Presumably you are drinking real “scotch” but leggypeggy prefers Irish. Or have I got that the wrong way round?

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    1. Leggy Peggy spells it that way because that’s how it’s spelt in the US. And she is American born although she lives here in Australia.Canadian is spelt like the Scots spell it and the Americans just spell the it the the wrong was as is their won’t.

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