Ducks on the Pond.

I have no idea if the phrase “Ducks on the Pond” has a colloquial meaning outside Australia. If it does not, then I should explain that for many years women did not have much of a rôle in a shearing shed. Nowadays there are female woolclassers, roustabouts, pressers and increasingly a random shearer. But, back then, there was always a warning given if a woman was approaching the shed. The purpose was to make sure that the men stopped using words that might offend a delicate feminine ear.  Most often it would be the owner’s wife who was bringing scones for the morning or afternoon tea break.

The first person to notice the advancing woman would call out to all in the shed, “Ducks on the pond”.

Today my ducks are different.

Here we have a mummy duck and a Daddy duck keeping watch over their flock.

Mummy and Daddy are discussing the pros and cons of taking the ducklings for a bit of exercise.

“Come on. Hop to it.”

“You follow Mummy. I’ll keep a watch over this side.”


7 thoughts on “Ducks on the Pond.

  1. That’s quite a healthy looking flock of ducklings! One of my favorite books as a small child was “Make Way for the Ducklings,” in which a Boston policeman stopped traffic so a family of ducklings could cross the road!


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