News Flash – Bear & Duck

Bear and Duck have a new friend. I think he may cause trouble. Either that or a new highway stretches out before them.


Note:- Those of you who make comments need to be advised that there has been a dramatic editorial shift in future posts. In fact there has been a major takeover.

It is noted that deep and meaningful comments on the state of the world, from a religious or political point of view, have been ignored by an average of 82.7% of all viewers who respond to my posts. 78.6% of viewers never make comments. All this used to concern me. I have been told that it no longer does. If you were happy with Mr Trump’s attempts to change America and the whole world then be happy for what he achieved. If you are sad that Mr Biden will undo all that has been attempted in the last 2000 years then I guess you should quake in your boots. Or have faith that good will prevail.

But the management has decided that a bear and two ducks may, in the end, have a better chance of making sensible comment on the state of the human condition.

Henceforth and forevermore this blog will be taken over by the Bear. The bear will have assistance in the form of two assistants.

(Might I say, in parenthesis, and in gentle type, that I hope they will allow me to express my own feeling on occasions.)

Handing over the reins will be difficult, but I have been assured, by the new management, that my best interests are being taken into account. (Do I believe that? Not bloody likely.)

The new management will be happy for all comments. The new management wishes to plead to ALL readers that they should feel impelled to make comments either negative or positive. 

And now, Bear permitting, I will write only stories about Bear and Duck, and on occasions a poem or two.

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