Do you remember Chemistry class at school. My Chemistry teacher was a crazy, wild, long haired bloke – Bernie Rechter. Had a bit of a theatrical flair as many Chem teachers had. Do you remember the day your Chem teacher came in with two flasks of clear liquid that looked like water. We all dipped our finger in and hesitantly licked and it was salty.

Then he poured a small splash of one in to the other and everything went all milky and after a while gunk settled at the bottom and he lifted it out and it was a solid piece of metal – I forget which. It was the process of Precipitation. I used to know exactly how it worked but I dropped science and changed to History and Literature.

The next day Bernie brought in a large beaker of murky yellow water. Then he sprinkled something he called Alum over the murky water. (Aluminium Sulphate) Note the delightful second ‘i’. You don’t get that in some places.

So the next morning we looked and the water was clear and there was a lot of clay on the bottom. Years later I used Alum to clear the water in a dam so the cows had fresh water to drink. The process is called Coagulation or Flocculation.

I will get around to the point of the story in a minute or two. If I told you at the start some of you would turn off and go outside and play golf or water the roses.

One hundred and forty one kilometres to the west of Ballarat is Halls Gap. It is a small town nestled in The Grampians. It is a fantastic place for wildflowers and hiking and rock climbing and a magnet for tourists. If you don’t believe me look at

Here’s a look.

Claudia is trying to stretch far enough to see the bottom – but she couldn’t.

For the indigenous it is a sacred site. For locals it is pretty close to being a sacred site.

I will connect everything together soon. Just not yet.

January the 26th is Australia Day. This is the day Captain Cook landed in Australia and claimed it for Britain. Australia Day! Some of our indigenous people aren’t all that happy about it. But for the time being it’s what we’ve got – like it or lump it. Usually there are lots of fireworks. Lake Wendouree Ballarat is a great spot at that time.

But around about then the Grampians were invaded by 40 members of Nazi group, the National Socialist Network , who visited the Grampians shouting anti semitic and white supremacist slogans.

What went on can be clearly seen by opening at least these two links.


I think, that with very few exceptions Victorians were struck dumb by this. These people did not hide their opinion They made it clear by posting stickers on anything they could find all along the many walking tracks.

Have you got your glasses on? What it says is;

“National Socialist Network.

Australia for the White Man.”

Many, many Australians were shocked. Some that I know were not. Some were pleased.

Now that is NOT the point. Although it is close to it.

What I really want to say is something I wouldn’t have dreamed I would say anytime in the last four years. I will say it in Capital letters.


What Trump has done is to act as a Precipitation agent. Or a Flocculation agent.

What Mr Donald Trump, who was the President of the United States of America, has, without knowing it, effectively precipitated the activity of the extreme right enemies of a good and honest and decent Australia into our consciousness. If it were not for him we might have blissfully gone about our life not knowing that, hidden away, we were being poisoned. Poisoned like a cancer that grows slowly and secretly until one day it bursts out and we die.

Australia is the same as the US and England and Germany and Sweden and Italy and all the rest who harbour the extreme right who want to hold fast to their privilege and deny the rest of the world. We also have our nasty vicious citizens who would label anti-fascists as “Antifa” and from Trump’s point of view “The Enemy”.

That’s all folks. Let us all vow to never forget Mr Trump. Mr Trump showed us all where our sickness was. It sometimes takes someone evil to show us evil. Sometimes to fight evil we need to have it thrust into our faces.

11 thoughts on “Precipitation!

  1. Great post John.

    We still have a far right menace in UK, it is called the Tory Party and for the life of me I do not understand why people vote for them.

    I enjoyed Science at school, I thought that I was quite good at it but then in 1970 I failed every single science ‘o’ level exam – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Chemistry with Physics, Physics with Chemistry even General Science and no one ever failed General Science. I have never been able to explain such a woeful set of results. Like you I turned to the Arts.


  2. Sadly I don’t have very high hopes for Trumps replacement. Some of the things he is promoting are just as scary as Trump but in a different vein. Last week he said regarding China’s approach to the Uighars – “culturally there are different norms that their leaders are expected to follow” . So he won’t bring China to task about the Uighars, Taiwan or Hong Kong.


  3. Deep down, we are all racists. And that may be the self-preservation instinct that all beings are born with. Not that I agree with the policies, but in support of Mr. Trump I think he went about his task honestly.

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